3 Tips to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat

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The lower back is one of the regions of the body that is associated with accumulated fat. It can be hard to get rid of lower back fat when losing weight. You need only to make some lifestyle changes for you to get rid of lower back fat this summer. You need to adapt to healthy diets and ways that can burn calories. Here are 3 tips to help you eliminate that pesky fat.

1.      Perform a number of easy exercises that burn body fat

Some exercises that can help you remove excess back fat include cardiovascular, weight training and circuit training exercises. Cardiovascular exercises such as rowing, boxing and swimming will enable you burn calories and tone your back. You may consider home-based exercises that involve a series of exercises such as pushups, shoulder presses, lower back extensions and lunges and that are aimed at burning lower back fat.

2. Consider a weight loss diet

You can consider reducing your daily calorie intake and at the same time strengthening your back with exercises. Low energy density foods and low-calorie drinks have very little effect on the accumulation of fat in the lower back. They are therefore good for anyone who wishes to get rid of excess fat in the lower back. It’s also advisable to eat smaller amounts, more often.

3. Use a lower-body ergometer

You can burn up to 422 calories while using an ergometer this summer. An ergometer is an easy to use gym machine that can burn lower back fat and improve cardiovascular fitness. For best results, you can work out on a lower-body ergometer for 10 minutes every day.
To avoid injuries that can interfere with your daily routine, you don’t need to overdo the above exercises. You also don’t need to starve yourself by eating less than what your body needs. You may consult a doctor or any other qualified medical professional before beginning an exercise.


Tips to excel in wrestling and MMA

If you want to excel in the world of wrestling and MMA there are certain rules of the thumb that you need to follow. It is true that a wrestler and an MMA fighter are pretty enthusiastic when they enter a specific field, but if you wish to excel you need endless talent in your hands. Moreover, you need to be aware of the smart tactics that will pave your way towards success. I want to give some precious tips to anyone who is willing to enter the wrestling arena or the world of MMA.

A treat for the willing learners

  • The first thing is that you should be well versed with the right beginning workouts and the right place to go where you wres1can get the adequate knowledge regarding your profession.
  • The second most important factor is that you need to understand that if you want to make your mark in any profession that will take a significant amount of time and will not be a piece of cake. The most important thing is that you have to understand that there are no shortcuts to success. You will only get refined after going through the necessary tough time.
  • Hard work is the key. Respect those who teach you the power to excel in your skill. Mastering the world of wrestling and MMA is not easy. You will have to put sweat and blood to get the best results.
  • Game ethics are another important perspective. Some people live in the world that they can get success by just crossing all barriers in an unethical manner. This is wrong and it can never give you the ultimate satisfaction.
  • You have to believe in the fact that success is destined and will come with time.
  • You will have to go an extra mile in knowing the success secrets. Otherwise everyone would be a star in the world of wrestling and MMA.
  • Do not be afraid of mistakes they will refine you for the better. Every wrong or mistake you make in your brawl will open new doors of knowledge.
  • Aggression overpowers the mind and if you become aggressive during an MMA fight or wrestling match you would not be able to think straight and it will become more difficult for you to counter your opponent the smart way.

Following the words of wisdom

You just need to follow the mentioned tips.  They may sound like simple straight suggestions, but when you will read them again you will realize that they have a lot of depth in them and are the real success secret. People who have achieved success and have become members of Hall of Fame are the ones who did not just read similar suggestions, but implemented them to the core. Once you are emotionally and physically prepared then the brawl or fight would surely be yours and you can earn a big name in the world of wrestling and MMA.


The six prime reason why a wrestler holds his edge against an MMA fighter

Have you ever wondered why a wrestler is able to dominate an MMA fighter? We cannot deny the fact that a wrestler and an MMA fighter both are an expert in their respective fields and very well know all the tricks of the trade. I would just help you in this regard. I will just unveil some key reasons that can really help you in deciphering the reality.

The truth behind a wrestler dominating an MMA Fighter

  1. Well we cannot deny the fact that a wrestler is the person who is controlling the position of the brawl. The wrestler wres3enjoys an edge whether the fight sticks to the ground or the two men fight standing. Moreover, wrestlers have the ability to really grind out a fight.
  2. There is another main reason that is far more convincing why a wrestler maintains his edge. The wrestling world practices the best ways of the martial arts. The other forms of martial arts act more like a sport. It would not be wrong to say that a wrestler is in a way more equipped. He knows the art of wrestling plus he knows the martial arts best practices.
  3. The wrestlers start their training journey much ahead in life. Therefore they get ample opportunities and experiences to learn more aggressively then the martial arts.
  4. Cost is eventually a very significant factor in the times of today. You can acquire wrestling training at a very low cost and sometimes you can even get the facility to master this art for free. It is an established fact that when something is free we sometimes invest more time in that activity and as a result become more proficient in that respective field.
  5. When a lot of young men join this field it becomes a lot easier to figure out the best player of the game and only the cream reaches the actual arenas so nevertheless it is also a prime factor regarding a wrestler’s edge over Martial arts.
  6. Another important factor is that wrestling has obtained a lot of popularity in the recent years. It is now not only a sport, but it has also become a source of entertainment for the people. Anything that is more popular eventually has more worth and people who are associated with that field acquire more appreciation and thus the domination factor appears automatically in no time.


The lesson to be learnt

We all fully acknowledge the fact that MMA deserves an equal applaud. Therefore, I feel that if an MMA fighter is given the same acknowledgement and the facilities then a wrestler and an MMA fighter can come at par. Both sports have their level of fascination and these athletes fight their sweat out to excel. This way the legend of Bruce Lee can last forever because people already see him as a source of inspiration. What is required is that the young generation should be given the same amount of motivation to try their skills at MMA.


Wrestling calisthenics giving the fitness boost to wrestling and martial arts

One misconception that has become quite prevalent nowadays is that gym machines can really help you acquire the fitness for any sport may that be wrestling or may that be martial arts. Now this is a wrong perception. Have you ever noticed that nowadays wrestlers and martial arts experts struggle with fitness problems a lot more? There is a key reason behind this issue. Most of them are unaware of the best wrestling calisthenics practices that can really help them to achieve their objective without encountering much of an issue. Therefore I will just give you an insight on these practices that can bring about a positive change in your perception regarding the wrestling calisthenics.

The wrestling calisthenics regime aiming towards excellence

The first pre-requisite for the wrestling calisthenics is that there should be a clear idea regarding your weight. Therefore, sumoo2your practice would start with noting down your actual weight on a chart. This way it can be monitored easily whether you are following a proper diet plan or not. Well we are not well equipped to handle a strenuous workout initially. Therefore, we need to bring out our body into the right shape. Therefore, the solution is to start off with stretching exercises. They really make those numb muscles active and remove the stiffness from the body. Once you are done with the stretching then your body is equipped to handle the most vigorous workout. Moreover, you have to remove the perception from your mind that stretching can be a painful process. The truth is that the process is quite simple. You need to place your hands on the hips and you have to start rotating your neck. This process has to be practiced on each and every part of the body This process has to be continued for about two minutes and then you are ready for the real wrestling calisthenics.

  • Trying out the one man exercises: – The one man exercise starts with a straddle hop. It can then be followed by push-ups, sit-ups and leg lifts and finally end up with the neck bridges.
  • The power of two man isometrics: – This exercise primarily requires two men of equal weight to be paired


    together. The wrestlers then tend to face each other and start off with arm wrestling. When they are done with both the arms they switch to Pushing and then pulling. Gradually the workout would become more aggressive and the team will have to go through leg lifts, leg spreads, and then comes the legs together.

  • Acquiring expertise on two man exercises: – The two wrestlers would then be performing exercises to strengthen the stomach and the neck.
  • The trial of the bridge head stand: This is definitely one of the most challenging wrestling calisthenics that the wrestling duo has to try out.

Using the wresting calisthenics as an incentive in MMA and wrestling

If a wrestler tries out the above mentioned wrestling calisthenics or these are tried out by an MMA expert this can really prove to bring out positive results in their overall fitness.

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Sumo wrestling depicting the hidden art of Martial Arts

It might be a bit surprising for you, but sumo wrestling has the traits of martial arts. Whenever we think about sumo wrestling the first thought that comes to the mind is some heavy men fighting in the ring. Well there is a lot more to sumo wrestling then you can imagine. We all get over odd by looking at these sumo wrestlers as it is surely not an easy job to pull these huge men out of the ring as they stand tall against their competitors. There are many wrestlers who have excelled in the world of sumo wrestling and have made their mark.

The flavor of martial arts in sumo wrestling

We will just discuss a few of the moves of martial arts that have been incorporated in the sumo wrestling.

  • Clinching is the most common move that is a part of sumo wrestling and you would also get to see it in martial arts. Among the clinching moves the over under clinch is the most popular.
  • Underarm or underhook technique is also a common presence in sumo wrestling. This technique is often used by the sumo wrestlers to overpower their counterparts and it also one of the effective techniques in martial arts.
  • If a wrestler knows the overthigh body scoop he can easily pull down the counterpart with proficiency. This technique is also carried out fairly well in martial arts.
  • Triple attack force out is another sumo wrestling technique that is aggressively practiced in the world of sumo wrestling and is a practical technique in the world of martial arts as well.
  • Ankle pick is a move if done with expertise can even take down the toughest competitor and victory can become easy for the wrestler who adopts this move.

A perfect all-rounder can conquer the sumo wrestling arena

The above techniques make one point clear that a wrestler who is well versed with the basic martial art techniques and sumo3knows the basic traits of sumo wrestling can excel greatly in sumo wrestling. Therefore, we need to wipe out this point from our mind that the sumo wrestlers just win because of their excessive weight. Well the ones who know the true art will be showing you practical sumo wrestling techniques in the arena.


Knowing the skill

People originating from Japan are well-versed with the art of sumo wrestling. However, as the people are discovering the wrestling world, we are all keen to know some more details about sumo wrestling. Therefore, the secret to success in the field of sumo wrestling is to invest a fair amount of time in knowing the basic techniques of martial art. I feel that a wrestling profession does not really mean that you have to enter the arena and fight. The wrestler should have a clear insight about the sport if he wants to make his mark and want the people to acknowledge him as a big name in the world of sumo wrestling.


Martial arts a revolutionary betterment secret for the top wrestlers

Wrestling can be pretty involving.  You can never remain glued to your seat whenever you are watching wrestling. Every moment has so much hype. There are many wrestlers who have emerged in this profession and their popularity has touched the sky. They have conquered the arena and they have successfully been able to conquer our hearts as well. However, everyone has room for improvement. There is yet another art that has captured the attention of millions. Yes, you guessed it right I am talking about Martial Arts. I feel this art holds a lot of learning elements that if integrated with wrestling can make the sport reach greater heights. I will now talk about my very own personal favorite wrestlers and how martial arts can really help them.

The shining stars in the wrestling world

  • Shawn Michaels surely the heartbreak kid

2This guy is surely a symbol of unbeatable resistance and stamina. It is so hard to make him quit in the arena. His good looks and commendable skill has definitely made him an apple of our eye. However, there is one area I personally feel that he needs to improve in. Let us take the comparison of Martial Arts. Have you noticed that before the fight begins the opponents bow to each other. This is symbolic of respect and humbleness. Whenever, we tend to adopt humbleness we tend to appear more dignified. Well Shawn Michaels does look amazing with that attitude of his , but if he incorporates the quality of humbleness, I personally feel he will be able to win more hearts then fights.



  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley  a unique blend of talent and masculine stature

Well this wrestler surely does not need to convince anyone regarding his wrestling skills. However, I personally feel that he can earn a much better place by adopting the disciplined approach from martial arts. It is not always good to be breaking tables and chairs upon the opponent when you really have the skill to outclass him anyway.

  • Rocky Maivia a talent beyond limitswre1

This wrestler definitely has the boy next door look. However, he has the best wrestling moves in the business today. However, I am of the opinion that he should try to learn the coordination element from Martial Arts.  Once the opponent is down there should be a strong coordination and he should go for the count immediately.

The real taste of victory lies in learning

The mentioned points state one fact that even the most successful wrestlers should continue their learning process if they wish to gain new heights of success. They do not need to limit their learning abilities to wrestling. Martial Arts is a whole new world and  offers the best sports ethics and has this sport has a dignity beyond comparison. This is one reason that the name of Bruce Lee is still alive and we all admire him for his excellence and unbeatable dedication to the field of Martial Arts.

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